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Roadnet Transportation Suite – Truly Integrated Transport Management System

Fully Optimise Transport Processes with Roadnet Transportation Suite

Truly integrated transport management system that enables enterprises to plan, route and analyse seamlessly.

Whether you are distributing goods or services, the challenges faced are still the same. Improving profitability, increase in customer demands, rising fuel costs and monitoring vehicles and drivers are all concerns for those managing a logistics operation in the 21st century.

121 Systems' order delivery platform series contains a suite of modules - Roadnet Transportation Suite. This group of modules allows businesses to manage the order delivery lifecycle from route/load planning through to the reporting of results.

Each module within the suite is designed to integrate together creating a seamless all-in-one solution.

Roadnet® , Territory Planner® , Roadnet Info Center® , NetScheduler , Roadnet® Performance Dashboard and Fleetloader® , seamlessly pass information from one to the other whilst sharing the same database. They work to a specific set of sophisticated algorithms that allow users to create optimised load and route plans in a quick and efficient manner. Roadnet Transportation Suite allows you to do it all, with the flexibility to model your exact requirements even if your operation is unique and put your local knowledge and experience to good use.

Roadnet Transportation Suite is complex and sophisticated technology. In a nutshell it allows enterprises to do the following:

Data Integrator

  • Manage data collected including customer and order data. Feed back in the system to refine plans for future use.
  • Analyse planned routes. Amend to suit business needs
  • Manage and monitor real-time data on a daily basis and inform customers of their order status.

Mobile Integrator

  • Combine existing/bespoke mobile handheld systems with Roadnet Transportation Suite. Create full end to end visibility.
  • Notify external applications of real world events in real-time.
  • Extract and compare planned and actual data.


  • Roadnet Transportation Suite utilises accurate map sets that take height and weight restrictions into account.
  • Generate accurate driver directions and geocode address data.


  • Real-time routing and visibility
  • Highly configurable
  • API driven interface

Information is seamlessly shared between modules and can be used by many individuals, streamlining installation, set up and maintenance operations. Users will be able to plan, route, load and dispatch using a single file which ultimately saves time by eliminating numerous import/export functions.

Clients have experienced significant benefits in the following areas:

  • A reduction in miles, vehicles and driver overtime
  • Improved management of vehicle capacity
  • Reduced time for re-routes. What would take months, will take days.
  • Reduced routing time
  • Improvements in customer service
  • Decreases in loading time
  • Significant cost savings
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions.

To find out more about the individual modules within Roadnet Transportation Suite, please follow the links below.

We have just covered the basics here, Roadnet Transportation Suite, is a sophisticated piece of technology. To talk to us in more detail about how the Suite would fit within your enterprise, please contact us.