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Office Depot

Office Depot is a leading global provider of office supplies and services and employs around 40,000 associates around the world. They sell directly to or through affiliates in 58 countries, one of which is the United Kingdom.

Office Depot UK is the country’s leading contract supplier of office products, and customers have access to a vast variety of own brand products, all of which have helped them garner a reputation for providing value and quality.

With 20 UK depots and their UK head office based in Leicester, they can service and deliver to customers ranging from blue-chip organisations through to local convenience stores.

Their vast warehouse’s stock everything from general office supplies through to office furniture solutions.

The Challenge

Office Depot has been utilising transport management solutions from 121 Systems for a number of years.

Their legacy mobile software solution had reached its ‘end of life’ and the organisation believed they were at a point where they needed to upgrade to a modern alternative.

They required a device that was more intuitive and applicable to Office Depot’s transport processes.

One of their requirements was for the solution to truly integrate with their existing Solutions.

They needed to retain seamless data communications between each solution and continue to achieve accurate data outputs.

The main challenge faced was Office Depot’s requirement for a quick implementation period.

With their own fleet of vehicles plus additional subcontractors being routed through the same transport management system, they were extremely focused on reducing the impact and disruption of operational processes as much as possible.

  • 550 vehicles
  • 550 live handheld devices
  • 20 depots
  • Fragmented order & transport solutions
  • Little or no visibility
  • Difficult change management

The Solution

Office Depot assessed the mobile solutions on the market and selected Pulse Mobile, not only due to its true integration with their other routing and scheduling software but because it provided them with a step change.

They now have critical functions that will benefit their organisation.

Pulse Mobile now allows Office Depot to:
• Regroup stops
Intuitive functionality and applicable to Office Depot processes.

• Utilise the in-built camera & signature capture
Provides additional support for Office Depot associates and also creates an opportunity for advanced proof of delivery and in-depth information relating to returned goods.

• Utilise ‘over the air’ software updates and device configuration
Saving time as scheduling devices from one location is now a thing of the past.

• Utilise in-built GPS navigation
Office Depot no longer needs to provision for satellite navigation systems and therefore reduce expenditure.

The team at 121 Systems and Office Depot worked closely together and achieved implementation in just over two months. Both parties endeavoured to keep disruption to a minimum, and overall delivery schedules ran according to plan.

TRU Mobile also allowed Office Depot’s host interfacing to remain the same, which ultimately made migration more comfortable and as a result helped to reduce implementation time.

As a result of our achievement, excellent working relationship and Office Depot’s need for advanced support, they approached TRU to replace internal interfaces between their host system and Roadnet Transportation Suite.

Going forward, this will provide them with increased flexibility, speed when implementing changes and the ability to notify customers when delivery will take place.

Quick turnaround

Implementation achieved in approximately two month period. Operations and delivery schedules remained relatively unaffected, thus allowing Office Depot to continue to serve their customers successfully.

True integration provides significant cost savings

Office Depot now achieves significant cost savings by utilising a truly integrated transport management system. They class Pulse Mobile as a whole as without Pulse Mobile they can’t solely track and achieve feedback from the field without 121 Systems.

These cost savings are running at £500,000 per year.

This saving is down to optimised route planning, increased compliance, advanced POD systems and reduced administration costs.

‘Happy associates.’

Office Depot’s employees are referred to as associates.

By upgrading handheld devices, the organisation have invested in its employees and provided them with modern and comfortable to use the equipment.

A device that is more intuitive and user-friendly means their day to day schedules will be better supported.

90% reduction in false failed delivery claims

Pulse Mobile’s advanced proof of delivery system includes ‘sign on glass’ signature capture and inbuilt camera. While utilising these functionalities during daily deliveries,

Office Depot has achieved a 90% reduction in customers claiming not to have received shipments, when in fact they have.

Reduction in maintenance, there is also an on-going reduction in support, as the devices do not need to be stripped down to change configurations and apply upgrades.

New configurations are applied automatically and transparently to end-users and upgrades are via a more user-friendly mechanism.

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