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Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain helps organisations reduce the inefficiencies, risks and costs associated with managing their information. Their information management services enable organisations to protect and optimise their information, optimise their businesses and help with their compliance requirements.

Founded in 1951, Iron Mountain manages billions of information assets, including business records, medical data and more for organisations around the world, including over 80% of the FTSE 100 companies.

Customers include large corporations, banks, building societies, insurance companies; in short any company that produces large amounts of information and con dential waste.

Services include records management, secure destruction, scanning and digitising, software escrow and off-site data protections.

The Challenge

Iron Mountain were faced with the challenge of collecting and shredding from its 20,000 customers, with a varied and complex schedule, ranging from every day up to every 24 weeks.

They have five shredding depots across the UK in England and Scotland. The process was a manual task; Iron Mountain wanted to introduce a more efficient system of route planning which would make it easier to plan and agree collections and schedules with clients.

They wanted to be able to minimise the number of visits to the same city or area of the country, reduce driving time, and make the job of allocating new customers to an agreed day and time an easier process.

Having an understanding of the country’s geography helped but sometimes customers in a similar area could be split into different routes, whilst other drivers might be driving in and out of Birmingham city centre twice in the same day.

  • 220,000 active customers in the UK for shredding alone
  • Approx 80 daily routes
  • 100 vehicles serving UK customers

The Solution

Iron Mountain was already using routing and scheduling software from 121 Systems in other parts of the business. The team at 121 Systems worked with Iron Mountain closely and helped with the research required for a business case.

A successful business case for the software was agreed on by management.

Working with 121 Systems has enabled staff to easily define which day of the week is best for new customers.

Efficiencies achieved

They estimate achieving roughly 25% saving across resources including vehicle fleet costs and mileage. This means they are now able to collect shredding faster than ever before and their customers are provided with that high level of service.

Integrating the solution into the shredding division has enabled Iron Mountain to improve on their collections and shredding services whilst also introducing an optimised planning process. They are now able to easily integrate routes into existing schedules and provide more effective and efficient services to its customers.

Improved customer allocation

Being able to assign customers to the most appropriate day and route quickly and easily has completely changed their internal processes, making it faster, more accurate and ultimately improving the service provided to shredding customers.

A clearer picture of the business

Being able to visually picture territories across the UK for the first time gave a much clearer view of how the business was performing, allowing more focused resource allocation and planning. Boundaries are easily identified and allow customers to be assigned to territory and reallocated in real time by dragging and dropping.

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