Pulse Platform – The Next Level in Transportation Systems

Pulse Platform – The Next Level in Transportation Systems

Pulse Platform TMS is beyond standard Transport Management Systems, that’s why it is ideal for private, managed of 3rd party (3PL) fleets, dedicated logistics operations and specialised carriers, Coverage Planner takes the frustration out of making the right decision ‘in-time’ maintaining service and cost at the correct time before sending all your data to the transport office.

Manage change with your orders and routes in real-time with Live Planner, Pulse Mobile, vehicle checks, workflow management, route management, smart planned against actual and Proof of Delivery which leverages rugged and none rugged mobile computers including smartphones.

Keep all things connected with Business Connector, an advanced and simple way to connect your other systems and partners enabling smart data with smart analytics.

Pulse Platform will help smart companies operate more efficiently and reduce costs by having visibility at the right time to make the right decision.

Extending connectivity outside the company infrastructure with the Business Connector will help smart companies improve “time to invoice” through near real-time delivery notification, as well as eliminating paperwork and cost reductions associated with customer and freight settlement.

With this smart connectivity, your company will deliver critical delivery information to fleets, including delivery timing, change of custody status and damage reporting claims.

This information will help to ensure more accurate invoicing and exception management, enabling you to deliver ‘on-time-in-full.

“We are pleased to introduce the Pulse Platform for the transportation and logistics industry, which will serve as a complement to the applications we deliver through our partner platforms,” said Chris Sisson, Managing Director of 121 Systems. “By working and listening to the market for years and collaborating closely with our clients, we will ensure that the Pulse Platform delivers maximum value and most importantly delivers an enjoyable user and customer experience.”

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