20 Years Celebrations

20 Years Celebrations

121 Systems is celebrating its twentieth anniversary by focusing on our communities and the vulnerable.

121 Systems opened its doors on the 6th of January 2003 and, in that time, has helped over 120 businesses across Europe to flourish and exceed their business objectives.

In direct contrast to its humble beginnings, as a strategic partner of UPS, it designed and developed its routing and scheduling software solutions.

Employing a cherry-picked team of Derbyshire’s creative and caring software and support people.

121 Systems route planning and optimisation software (Pulse Platform) will increase team productivity and creates effective routes which handle constraints, including delivery windows with team availability.

Christmas Tree Collections

Between six and eight million real Christmas trees are sold annually in the UK.

As the country winds down from the festive period, millions of households and businesses will be looking to take down their Christmas decorations and dispose of eight million Christmas trees.

Real Christmas trees are recyclable and can be shredded into chippings, which are then used in parks or woodland areas, so why not support your local Hospice and be green at the same time?

We are supporting hundreds of volunteers across the country.

121 have supported JustHelping and some independent Hospices for over ten years with their much-needed Christmas tree collections.

With hundreds of volunteers across the country collecting and recycling thousands upon thousands of Christmas trees in early January, the collaboration of JustHelping with the expertise of 121 Systems ensures a safe, enjoyable and very successful event raising more than one million pounds for hospices and other local charities.

Company founder Christopher Paul Sisson and the team at 121 Systems feel passionate about our communities and understand that not all charities focus on the end game on which there were founded; this one does.

After all, everything we do is about people, whether we care for each other or have business opportunities.

The Numbers

58 Hospices

64,902 Christmas trees were collected and recycled.

2073 Collection Routes.

Over One Million pounds were raised in donations.

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