East Cheshire Hospice Christmas Tree Collection 2019

East Cheshire Hospice Christmas Tree Collection 2019

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The Team at 121 Systems, are proud to be supporting the East Cheshire Hospice Christmas Tree Collection for a second year.

The collection was started over 19 years ago by two local fundraisers, Richard Raymond and Pete Chapman.

What has kept the two volunteer organisers of this event together and why has the Christmas tree collection become so successful?

The answer can be found in one word, and that is ‘Community’.

Richard and Pete recognised that in their community, the East Cheshire Hospice was a charity relying almost entirely on voluntary contributions and yet one that unquestioningly served its community without cost to its patients.

It is an inclusive facility.

Richard and Pete commented

“The hospice movement is one which recognises the value to each community of care for those in life-limiting situations.  While hospitals throughout the country are beautiful places of treatment, they are not geared up to specialise in palliative care that is focussed on ‘end-of-life’ situations.  Hospices are and also offer day-care facilities with many running out of hours services as well.

The Hospice approach to looking after families and friends as they cope with these situations is all part of what they do and the services they provide.

So, the community benefits from having such an organisation in its midst.

However, the Hospice needs funds, and the Annual Christmas Tree Collection raises these by offering to take away used trees after Christmas and dispose of them through a recognised recycling operation.

By suggesting that a donation could be made to the Hospice generates fundraising income, the community becomes part of the effort by its contributions.

We could not do this on our own.  We have volunteers that come on board to hand out leaflets, put up banners, drive vans, collect trees, cook and do a myriad of clerical jobs and are the community team that makes it all possible. 

But behind the volunteers and vital to the campaign is the corporate support we receive.

The local business community is involved in matched funding, lending vans, supplying goods and services, and generally in helping with whatever expertise they can offer.  

The Team at TRU

For instance, 121 Systems Ltd based in Nottingham provides the route planning for the East Cheshire Hospice Collection.  

Their skills in logistics organisation and planning systems have proved beneficial in moving this particular collection onto a more digital footing with advantages in back-room data control and management.  

This is a demonstration of a real community partnership.

The hospice movement is one of cooperation not competition in many fields. 

This is ably demonstrated by the knowledge-sharing that has emanated from the East Cheshire Hospice Collection and spread to nearly 50 other hospices allowing each of them to start their collections.  The community widens!”

 A feature of the post-Christmas period

Hospice Christmas Tree Collections are fast becoming a feature of the post-Christmas period, is it time that each community looks at how they could help?

From volunteers to businesses, we can all help the wonderful, caring hospices as they serve our communities.

For more information see East Chesire Hospice website and following the link on the main web page to the 2019 Christmas Tree Collection

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