Pulse Platform In The Cloud

Pulse Platform In The Cloud

The fastest route to value for our customers

Introducing “Pulse Cloud”. November 1, 2018

Pulse Cloud, the right place in the cloud to run your transportation optimisation.

TMS made easy: the transportation management system combining cloud-based, mobile and social technologies for complete  TMS capabilities.

Pulse Cloud Brings Same-Day, Rapid-Deployment Transportation and Logistics Management.

“Pulse Cloud Platform is a disruptive technology within the transportation management industry with our innovative designs, technology, and rapid deployments.

 The combination of this technology with the logistics ecosystem on Pulse’s platform will further accelerate time-to-value for our customers,” said Chris Sisson, Managing Director of 121 Systems. “Combining transportation management with business planning closes the loop between orders, planning, and execution.

These applications running on a live end-to-end business platform allow us to continually drive supply chain convergence for our customers – between data and algorithms, planning and execution, demand and supply and distribution.”

“Our goal with Pulse Cloud has always been to deliver the fastest route to value for our customers by making the complexities of transportation management simple, and manageable and scalable for any size of a company,” said Richard Kerry, Head of Design for Pulse Platform.

121 Systems shares our client’s values of usability, the speed of deployment, and time to value, we envision accelerated innovation, that will bring immediate value to all users.

The need for new platforms

We are witnessing the merging of consumer and commercial technology, with the result that overall expectations of technology are higher, potentially due to the widespread use of smart devices.

The key to designing future development is embracing the new platforms that are emerging, and ensuring that these platforms are adopted to facilitate flexible delivery models, allowing for the consumer/business customer and driver to be interconnected in a rolling real-time manner, without the need for any or little manual involvement.

This model enables the number of delivery/collection drivers, or couriers to be adjusted with greater flexibility, for instance through dynamic order and planning incentives which eliminates the need to level out workload across the day. Underlying this new on-demand delivery, collection or courier model is the use of cutting-edge data science.

Designed on Pulse Data (big data) analytics, seamless communications, and predictive algorithms, it is now possible to ensure that the right number of delivery/collection drivers or couriers are in the right place at the right time.

With the use of our technology to automate and simplify dispatch and delivery processes, organisations have time freed up to focus on adding value, which enables companies to deliver-on-time-in-full (DOTIF) promises made to their customers.

Pulse Mobile technologies have been designed to work with many back-office systems or even third-party systems from your partners, for example 3PL’s or courier means that we can now react to real-time demand and immediately calculate efficient delivery routes and very accurate delivery and service times, with machine learning allowing for algorithms that improve over time based on demand patterns.

Pulse Data is helping to enhance the customer experience and to drive efficiency simultaneously.

 The rise of convenient deliveries

Looking to the future, on-demand and convenient deliveries will become commonplace, and over time, this will evolve into autonomously fulfilled deliveries. Fortunately, we see significant investment in the development of self-driving (autonomous) vehicles and pavement drones alongside the necessary supporting road and technology infrastructure. Autonomous delivery vehicles being less complicated than autonomous passenger vehicles will result in earlier and more widespread implementation.

Industry 4.0, is the name given to the current trend of automation and data exchange, this will lead to greater efficiencies and change traditional production relationships among suppliers, producers, and customers—as well as between human and machine.

Experiments with automatic delivery vehicles and delivery drones are already taking place, with this activity likely to ramp up over the next few years, especially as the UK government is committed to having self-driving vehicles and drones on UK roads by 2021 if not before.

E-tailers must harness these new technologies to keep up with global giants such as Amazon, or they will be in danger of being left behind.

The easiest way is to use an affordable and on-demand last-mile delivery offering that incorporates significant data insights.

To find out more about Pulse Cloud contact us now!

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