Technology Supplier

Technology Supplier
The Grocer Gold Awards recognises JJ Food Service for “The Technology Supplier of the Year”.

Technology Supplier

JJ Foods has been a valued customer of 121 Systems since 2008,.

With the excellent success of working closely with 121 Systems and using thier industry knowledge and routing and scheduling software.

If you would like to find out more about the Pulse Platform we design and supply, follow the links provided or go to our Product Pages.

JJ Food Service is one of the leading independent foodservice distribution companies in the UK.

Supplying over 15,000 customers, including pizza and burger bars, upmarket restaurants, schools, bus stations and underground stations etc.

Most of JJ Food Service’s business is in the UK.

They also have some customers overseas in Europe, Africa and Asia who tend to place less regular and larger orders as and when they need to.

They supply everything a food outlet could need including burgers, buns, ketchup, drinks, salad and fruit and cleaning products.

Established in 1988 with just a 3000 sq ft warehouse,.

JJ Food Service now has its head office in Enfield and distribution depots in Enfield, Doncaster, Acton, Sidcup, Manchester and Basingstoke.

Our team are total foodies, who care about offering the best customer experience.

That’s why we regularly test products to make sure they continue to meet the highest quality (and tastiness) standards.

We’re proud to offer product quality that you can rely on, and consistency that helps to keep dishes tasting great, every time.

Getting our products to you, quickly, is our number one priority.

Many of our products are exclusive – you simply can’t get them anywhere else, which is just another great reason to shop with us.

Whether you’re running a restaurant or entertaining at home, we’re confident you will enjoy great service from start to finish.

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