The team at 121 Systems “Just helping” again in 2020!

The team at 121 Systems “Just helping” again in 2020!

We are supporting “Just Helping” in our fifth year to help optimise collection routes so the volunteers can collect Christmas trees for charity and recycle them at a national level!

Fresh ways to recycle your Christmas tree

Here’s a thing, I don’t like charities that make you feel that you need to do something, and then you give money and you really don’t know where your donation money goes!

Well with this charity you do, it goes straight to your local hospice and furthermore you can get involved too!

This fantastic event brings the local communities together for a weekend which is brilliant, you get to meet your neighbours around you and a good time is had by all.

I believe we need more of this in our communities as we will all gain from it.

So what did you do this weekend? Come on, get involved click here

Click on the link to see what “Just Helping” say about us

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