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Implementation Services

At the start of the project, a 121 Systems Consultant will be assigned to the project and see the project through to completion at Go Live, and you’re in the right hands with the team at 121 Systems

A 121 Systems Consultant will document all of your business rules and business requirements with regards to the Pulse platform making sure you get the right guidance throughout the project and beyond.

Our implementation process as follows:

  • Project Management
  • Process Definition
  • Solution Design
  • Critical Success factors to meet business objectives
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Training
  • Go-Live Assistance
  • Post Go-Live Review

Delivery Optimisation Review

The Delivery Optimisation Review (DOR) is designed to review your business rules and business requirements to ensure the best use of the Pulse Platform.

The Delivery Optimisation Review (DOR) will be scoped at the start of the project to ensure that all business processes, rules and requirements are captured.

These business rules and processers are then implemented into the Pulse Platform, to ensure that the best results are delivered and our platform is utilised to its full potential and maintain.

Customer experience is one of our main focuses.

The DOR is bespoke to your company and business requirements.


“I believe one of the key differentiators between the team at 121 Systems and other routing product vendors I have come across is their original goal to work and interact very much as a partner relationship”.

Paul Dodgson, IME Core Systems Support Manager, Iron Mountain Europe


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