Define, forecast, and improve business performance.

Pulse Data consolidates all your logistical data, unifying and standardising it and placing it into a single repository for all your data integration and analysis.

Pulse Analytics gives you complete visibility and scalable performance.

We use our proprietary data visualisation engine to analyse your data in near real-time with Pulse Analytics.

There is no need for data synchronisation or third-party plugins; directly analyse your live and historical data.

With our complete customisation layout engine, you can see your data the way you want, using data grids, charts, gauges, as well as other additional options.

The key to increased safety, efficiency, and reduced operational costs can be unseen in the data your fleet is already generating.

Analytics utilises intelligent data in the transportation industry to build customised predictive models that save money and lives.

Our predictive models provide vision into your business’s future and, more importantly, proven remediation plans to prevent adverse outcomes.

Track your own KPI’s, mobile¬†assets, daily plan, or even report on 3rd party data feeds via the Pulse Connect module.

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Pulse Analytics

Analyse your live data with Pulse Analytics, using our proprietary data visualisation engine. There is no need to wait for data synchronisation or install 3rd party plugins, analyse your live and historical data via our secure web portal. Using our fully customisable layout engine, you can see your information the way you want.

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