Pulse On-Time

WIth convenience optimisation, you can improve your customers’ experience by giving your customers the visibility of their orders, complete with live tracking and estimated arrival times.

With convenience optimisation, you will help to reduce the impact on customer service team and improve your competitiveness by allowing your customers to monitor their orders directly.

This approach enables your customer service team to focus on other core priorities.

Our customisable solution can be tailored to fit your business requirements and integrate seamlessly with your existing solutions.

You can combine your current mobile solution or Pulse Mobile, to offer continuous updates on arrival times to your end customers.

Key Features

  • Automated customer notifications
  • Keep customers informed in real-time
  • Convenient deliveries & collections
  • Fully customisable
  • The right customer experiance
  • Supports behavioural trends
  • Reduce unwanted communication
  • Enable you to deliver on time in full
  • Works with other mobile applications

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