Pulse View

Review your daily routes live via our secure web interface, without the need for standard application installation.

With clear visibility of your mobile assets and continuous updates, you can see where your drivers are and how their day progresses, along with any challenges they have reported.

With support for both desktops and tablets, you can monitor and interact with your Mobile assets and generate Reports in real-time with all data automatically synchronised with your mobile devices in the field.

You can also combine Pulse View with Pulse Analytics to expand your visibility further.

The Pulse Connect interface method can gain visibility of 3rd party mobile assets, helping to improve transport visibility and give a complete picture of your transport operation.

Key Features

  • Review your daily routes
  • Track your drivers’ progress
  • Increased operational visibility
  • Connect via modern web browsers
  • Support for desktops and tablets
  • Integrated with Pulse Analytics engine
  • Quick report generation
  • Automatic synchronisation
  • Secure web browser

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