Pulse Scheduler

Pulse Scheduler promotes efficiency, profitability and customer service around both point-of-sale and self-scheduled delivery windows.

By continually analysing the day’s confirmed orders on an order-by-order basis, Scheduler quickly presents delivery windows on which you can deliver.

Add some juice to routing

This add-on to route planning software has the intelligence to present available windows to each customer throughout the order period and up until the time window is filled.

It even provides data based upon costs to allow for the configuration of discounts or other incentives to encourage customers to choose windows that optimise the route.

The Pulse scheduler offers modules for single and multiple order modelling, real-time schedule monitoring, and a flexible API for integration with third-party applications such as Point of Sale systems.

Give customers the option of delivery time windows and optimise routes in real-time.

Pulse Scheduler enables organisations to achieve “On-Time-In-Full” (OTIF) and present customers with date and time windows and schedule deliveries at the point of order capture.

A customer’s ability to select their delivery date and time window provides daily challenges for home delivery companies that this order promise software solves.

Better Together

Pulse Mobile, Pulse On-Time together with Pulse Scheduler creates a complete end to end delivery solution and superior customer experience.

Key Features

  • Measure and reduce delivery costs
  • Integrate with existing order processing systems
  • Analyse multiple delivery windows across multiple days
  • Present alternative delivery windows on different days
  • Assign special orders to correct vehicle type
  • Assign deliveries to vehicles on multiple shifts
  • Manually edit and alter when required
  • Process orders for multiple depots
  • API Configuration enables optimisation
  • Cost differentiation of each delivery window
  • Delivery window confirmations
  • Enable delivery of choice

Pulse Scheduler analyses multiple delivery windows across multiple days present alternative delivery windows on different days, assigns orders with special requirements to the right vehicle and combines all of this with automated route planning according to these specifications.

It can take advantage of multi-core servers and load balancing and takes road speed and height/weight limits into account.

Pulse Scheduler can also manage multiple independent scenarios on the same servers.

With Pulse Scheduler you will notice significant improvements in the following areas:

  • Advanced reservation engine
  • API Configuration Enables Optimisation
  • Achieving "On-Time-In-Full" (OTIF)
  • Increased Address Accuracy
  • Cost Differentiation of Each Delivery Window
  • Delivery Optimisation
  • Delivery Window Confirmations
  • A Perfect Fit

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