Pulse Mobile

The Mobile App that makes the difference to your drivers and customers.

Whether you’re using the Pulse Platform or a 3rd party solution, Pulse Mobile provides a fast and secure mobile resource management tool for your business.

Our mobile App extends your transport department directly into your drivers’ hands, synchronising and visibility.

Pulse Mobile App can assign work to independent owner-drivers daily or weekly.

Key features include dynamic walk-around vehicle checks to improve vehicle safety, order reconciliation, workflow compliance, navigation integration, photo capture, vehicle tracking and telematics integration.

You can even track driver and customer feedback via your mobile devices.

Live data will automatically be placed into the Pulse Route Planner, giving you access to fully integrated plan V’s Actual data and reporting, with near real-time dedicated dashboard modules.

The Pulse Mobile workflow application integrates your drivers’ mobile devices directly to your transport solution, giving your transport department visibility of your drivers’ working day and your drivers visibility of any changes.


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Key Features

  • Independent Owner Driver Integration
  • Work flow
  • Cash Payments with Delivery
  • Calling Card
  • Dynamic vehicles checks to improve vehicle safety.
  • Receipt printing
  • Convenient deliveries & collections
  • Proof of delivery / collection
  • Scan on / scan off
  • Order reconciliation and workflow compliance.
  • Remove manual touch points
  • Navigation integration
  • Lead the driver technology
  • Photo capture
  • Vehicle tracking and telematics integration.
  • Manage driver and customer feedback via the mobile devices.
  • Planned & Actual
  • Pop up notifications for driver attention at the start of delivery

Always connected

The Pulse Mobile workflow application integrates drivers directly into your Transport solution.

We give transport visibility of the driver’s working day and any changes, extending the transport office directly into the driver’s hand.

We are helping to integrate the driver with the business and assist him with day to day operations.

  • Manage Vehicle Checks via your mobile device and track the results electronically.
  • Use an Integrated Navigation solution to aid new drivers or assist existing drivers with height and weight restrictions.
  • Track damaged stock via Photo Capture and give customer service visibility, to improve the customer experience.
  • Capture Driver and Customer Feedback, to help drive further improvements within your business.
  • Scan items to track them around your transport network.
  • Use Vehicle Tracking to know where your assets are and where they’ve been.

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