Strategic Planning

Strategically prepare optimal territories and routes.

Territory planning and route optimisation software will strategically prepare optimal territories and routes by incorporating “what if” scenarios.

Historical data, including delivery days, open/close times, preferred delivery times, volume, and geographic location, is used to create optimised and balanced territories, routes, and stop sequences.

An easy-to-use interface.

Fast and optimised re-routes to occur.

Transportation managers can’t seem to keep their heads above water by simply maintaining deliveries for today and tomorrow.

Additional customers can be added to already full routes, maxing out both driver and vehicle resources.

Those managing a transport based logistics operation need to always plan for what may lay ahead.

Simply maintaining deliveries for the short term is not enough to keep operations running smoothly.

Various factors, including annual volume hikes, rising fuel costs, long-term traffic issues (rush hours), or new customers to an existing planned route, can often impact the operations.

The speed of change becomes a factor.

By implementing strategic logistics planning software such as Pulse Coverage, companies will respond to these scenarios quickly and efficiently and at minimum cost.

Our Products - Strategic Planning

Pulse Coverage

Pulse Coverage allows you to strategically model work distribution, with your fleet and outsourced fleet, plus enables depot boundaries to become more flexible.

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