Pulse Cloud

Pulse Cloud is the place in the cloud to run your Transportation Optimisation.

Route optimisation made easy: the transportation management system combining cloud, mobile and social technologies.

The Pulse Cloud Brings Same-Day, Rapid-Deployment Transportation and Logistics Management.

Pulse Cloud Platform is a disruptive technology within the transportation management industry with its innovative designs, technology and rapid deployments.

The combination of this technology with the logistics ecosystem on the Pulse Platform will further accelerate time-to-value.

Combining transportation management with business planning closes the loop between orders, planning and execution.

Using our Pulse Cloud, you also gain access to integrated Reporting and Visibility tools via our dedicated Reporting and Dashboard modules.
We are providing enhanced visibility of data and 3rd party compliance.

These applications running on a live end-to-end business platform allow us to continually drive supply chain convergence for our customers – between data and algorithms, journey planning and execution, demand and supply and distribution.

Key Features

  • We are the right team to support you
  • Beyond transport management systems
  • Several categories of transport solutions on one platform
  • Browser based UI
  • No plugins or downloadable clients
  • No explicit requirements for VPN
  • Fast response times
  • Single point of truth - Pulse Data
  • Designed to bring technology closer to the users
  • Supports DOTIF (deliver on time in full)
  • Supports convenient deliveries & collections
  • 64 bit Architecture

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