Pulse Connect

Integration is the key to clean, seamless data flow between business systems.

In the past, Transportation Platforms have often been implemented via a cumbersome combination of a text file and manual operational processes or complex, inflexible APIs, which can be expensive to build and maintain.

The Pulse Connect module allows for a more streamlined and flexible approach, with the power of seamless data flow but without the complexity of an API or the unreliability of a manual process.

By integrating your business systems more closely, you can improve your data’s quality and reliability and enhance the visibility of your supply chain.

Pulse Platform integrates host systems and warehousing faster and more straightforward and facilitates Mobile Data collection, which drives our enhanced Reporting and Analysis.

Implementation days are reduced dramatically by using our Pulse Connect module, improving your time to market.

The benefits can also extend outside of the company by linking your solutions to your 3rd party freight or telematics providers and even alternative 3rd party mobile solutions with Pulse Connect.

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Key Features

  • Flexible and streamlined approach to integration
  • Enhance visibility of your supply chain
  • Reduce implementation times and enhance your time to market
  • Create a unified data repository
  • Integration with Pulse Analytics
  • Incorporate mobile and telematics data
  • External 3rd party system integration
  • Carrier bi-directional interface for transport assignment
  • Time slot management
  • Supports behavioural trends
  • Document export

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