Pulse Platform

121 Systems have developed and supplied vehicle routing optimisation software for over 27 years.

Our routing algorithms have consistently outperformed all other systems in benchmarking speed, quality and ease of use.

Some of the world’s most significant transport operations use our routing applications to schedule thousands of vehicle movements daily.

Our transport management system, “Pulse Platform”, is designed to help companies plan and manage transport operations that drive business growth.

Optimise delivery schedules, track orders to final delivery, and support invoicing accuracy.

Pulse Platform’s live-planning module can optimise and re-optimise vehicle movements in real time.

The visibility of information such as GPS location and order status automatically updates the schedule and re-issues it to drivers and managers, continuously optimising the operation as the day evolves.

Schedules for the next day or week (or extended period) can be optimised using our vehicle routing and distribution scheduling systems, assigning daily forecasts or actual orders to drivers and vehicles to maximise resource utilisation and balance driver workloads.

Pulse Platform also is a business analytics tool that transforms transportation data into meaningful views of order/fleet performance.

Pulse Platform provides historical and current business views so managers can see the big picture on trends and drill down to root causes.

Best of all, that information is available anywhere, at any time, via desktop or tablet via our Dashboards.

Key Features

  • TMS, routing & scheduling & proof of delivery modules
  • Re-schedule vehicle movements in real-time
  • Optimise trips from order capture to delivery
  • Remove manual touch points
  • Fewer CO2 emissions Improve your environmental footprint
  • Enable delivery of choice
  • Information readily available across desktop and tablet, anytime, anywhere
  • Analytics tools
  • Supports behavioural trends
  • Customer service dashboards
  • Operations dashboards
  • Executive dashboards
  • Consumer portal

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